I started SimpleWebsiteHelp because I’m in the domains/hosting/WordPress industry and I keep getting the same questions over and over again. So now I can just give the world my personal breakdown of the process/concept/solution with this site.

Yes, a lot of different companies have help and support sections but they are at the mercy of constant product updates, layout changes and approval from their legal department. Providing support and training of the products can be confusing for a lot of users.

I don’t have any of the overhead or restrictions, it’s just me. So I’ll show you my way and you can get all the information in one place. Here is where you can go through the fundamentals and bare bones troubleshooting.

Why would you take the time to create articles and help sections for other companies with generalized instructions for everyone?

~ Because this information should not be paywalled or too terribly complex for someone to really use the product. Each unique website adds to the complexity and depth of the internet. This is about diversity and healthy competition. Without capable users and responsible site mangers the ability to add to the internet is guarded behind other waypoints and freedom of information and expression suffers.

Keep in mind… this is for people who can grasp technical concepts and know a thing or two but are not a full web developer. If you need help on specific or highly technical aspects beyond what’s covered here then you should probably just hire a web developer. My guide is for filling in the gaps and updating your existing knowledge.

If you are “not a tech person” then you need a web builder product… Something with a built-in user interface and limited options. There are many of those from SquareSpace to Wixx to GoDaddy’s Website’s + Marketing. If you do not want to log in and update things regularly or troubleshoot issues when big changes happen then much of what I talk about just isn’t for you. Hire a real website developer or get an off the shelf product with everything built-in.

There are middle grounds… if you’re semi technical and want to manage a WordPress and have someone for content or highly technical stuff then I can get you by.

I do NOT currently offer services to look at your products and help. I have a day job and I have great benefits. This is a DIY website for you to manage the products yourself or with your web dev. I’ll say it again… if you are overwhelmed by technology concepts or any of this gets too overwhelming then you need an easier product or you need a professional to do this for you.

This site is a perpetual work in progress. I’m still populating content and building out page relations. Thank you for your patience.

If you have no idea what all this means and you just want someone to explain where to start building a website. Click here.

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